The meaning of "Alverg"

When trees grow in a cold and dark place, they grow very slowly. The wood hardens and these trees are particularly tough. People used to say they got "al" in them and used them for tools and material that needed to be extra strong.

I put "al" together with "verg", which means protector. Alverg means then a hard/tough protector.


Nature believes in Alverg.

Lóge created the first music of what would become Alverg in 2002.


By the summer of 2003 the music had matured enough that a demo was recorded. Dezartog took care of the drums and Myrkar played piano.


The demo generated some interest from a few labels, but due to a collection of problems, a full lengt was never produced.


Heolstor changed that when he joined on drums in 2007. He had a lot of experience and a strong mind set on finishing an album. Finally in 2009 "Elde" was released on Soulseller Records.


For the time being Alverg is again in a hiatus, but "Elde" is being released on Vinyl the 21st of August, and to celebrtate, a video has been produced.